NGO Staffing

corporate training

The Main object of Job is, sharing our skills to someone who need

U can utilize our skills & time to make society, Educate.

Focus For: Teaching, Class Room Training, work shop, volunteer, work sharing.

Send your we dedicate to provide the free staffing solution to Ngo’s. for providing the Good team.

Dealing with 3G HR Services, NGO division means working with people who dedicated the special nature of non-government, not-for-profit and charitable organizations. We specializing in the NGO Recruitment Services know that Companies committed to Social & Civic issues such as charities, educational, cultural and campaigning wings have specific needs and wants in the staff, board members and volunteers they recruit. We trust our specialized experience & Skills within the nonprofit sector makes all the difference when selecting the right person for your organization.

Recruiting for NGO’s requires a special knowledge & insight into the particularly complex environment & culture in which they operate. We understand that NGO’s must be commercially competitive advantage as well as demonstrate a high wings of ethics, values & accountability to supporters, customers, funding bodies and clients alike.

3G HR Services recognizes the unique needs for this sector and provides a personalized service to meet these needs. Importantly, our specialist consultants apply Skills and Knowledge from both the not for profit and commercial sectors.